What's inspiring me this week

Spring is almost here! At least I hope.. 

The temperatures here in western Kansas have been warmer than usual, and I'm not complaining. It allows me to get out with my baby for a walk or even just sit on the porch and hangout.

So in this roundup of pretty things that are inspiring me lately you can definitely tell I'm anticipating Spring's arrival. Yay! It most definitely has some pretty colors to offer. 

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This bear is too cute. I've been thinking about making my first crochet toy (which is crazy I haven't made one yet!), and I think this is some pretty good inspiration for it when I get to it. Although I'd really like to make a goose, because that's what I call my son.

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This candle is pretty rad. I think I'm gonna try and recreate it.

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These are way too cute. I've only dabbled in embroidery, but would love to make a project here soon. There's even a tutorial for them on the blog I found these on!

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I don't even know how I came across these super cool pillows, but I love the colors. And I want to see if I can make them. hmm..

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These flowers are too pretty. I was thinking about trying to make a crochet version of them. Heart eyes!

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When I was a kid I make friendship bracelets like these. And I love how they look paired with a watch. I'm about 97% certain I'm making one of these this summer.

Hope these pretties brightened your day and inspire you!