Free Crochet Pattern for The Cold Day Cap

Crochet Hat Pattern - Megmade with Love

***You can find the PDF version of this pattern in my shop by clicking HERE. Great for easy printing! For the free pattern, scroll down.***

With the first day of winter approaching us (*thinks* wait, it’s not already winter? *cries*), I’ve got my sights set on all things cozy. Basically stuff that makes me not freeze to death, e.g. my electric blanket. So with this in mind, I designed the hat pattern in this post— The Cold Day Cap. I mean, the name says it all, so I should really just stop talking, right? (typing?.. whatever)

Crochet Hat Pattern - Beanie - Megmade with Love

Okay, I’m not really done. Here’s a couple of reasons you’ll love this hat:

-perfect for grade-A chilly days
-double brimmed
-use almost exactly of the suggested yarn skein
-perfectly simple design
-a touch “oversized” for a laid-back look

Crochet Hat Pattern - Megmade with Love - Beanie

Oh, and I’ve got plentyyyy of photos to help you along when making the hat. It’s very much beginner-friendly!

Crochet Hat - Megmade with Love - Beanie

I love this hat in the multi-colored yarn I used, but think it’d be killer in a solid color. A solid green one is calling my name…

Megmade with Love - crochet hat

Anywho, hope you love this cap as much as I! Be sure to check gauge so you don’t end up with a hat for your kids barbie. That or one for Hagrid. :)

***You can find the PDF version of this pattern in my shop by clicking HERE. Great for easy printing! For the free pattern, scroll down.***

What you’ll need:

-Approximately 225 yards of worsted weight (4) yarn, I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Yarn! in color Beret Day (found HERE)
-size i (5.5 mm) hook, or size needed to obtain gauge"
-sewing pins (optional)
-yarn needle
-pom, if desired! I used some scrap yarn I had and my Clover Pom-Pom Maker (find it HERE)


14 hdc by 11 rows equals a four-inch square


ch=chain, hdc=half double crochet, BLO=back loop only, sc= single crochet, sl=slip, st(s)=stitch(es), dc=double crochet, dc2tog=double crochet two together


-ch’s at the beginning of rounds and rows do NOT count as sts

-this pattern is written for a woman’s head— but is a touch "oversized” and slouchy

-the hat is double-brimmed, you could make a regular brim by chaining 13 instead of 26 for the brim

-in the pattern, you will being working into the “3rd loop” of the hdc stitch. This 3rd loop is located behind the two loops you work into for a normal stitch. For a video on where the 3rd loop is, visit HERE.



Row 1) ch 26, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and across (25)

Rows 2-48) ch 1, hdc in BLO across row (25)

how to

Now you’re ready to join to two short ends together (row 1 to row 48). Fold the brim up like shown in the photo above and place the ends together.

how to

Next, you’ll join them by slip stitching from where you left off in row 48. Put your hook into the back loop of row 48 and the bottom loop of row 1 and slip stitch across.

how to

Next up is connecting the long edges of the brim to create the “double brim”. Fold the brim up, joining the long edges like in the photo above. You may want to use pins during this step so the edges will stay aligned and not shift. You will be joining the long edges just like you joined the two short edges, except you will single crochet instead of slip stitch.

how to

Chain one from where you left off joining the two short edges. Making sure the two long edges are aligned, you will work single crochets along them by inserting your hook through BOTH edges (see photo below). You will work one single crochet at the very end of the first row, and two single crochet at the very end of the second row. Repeat the one sc, two sc pattern all the way around, then join to the first sc with a slip stitch. (Total 72 sc)

how to

Body of the hat:

Round 1) ch 2, dc around, join to first dc with sl st (72)

Round 2) ch 1, hdc around, join to first hdc with sl st (72)

Round 3) ch 2, dc around in “3rd loop” *see notes for more on 3rd loop*, join to first dc with sl st (72)

Rounds 4-8) repeat rows 2 & 3

Round 9) ch 2, [dc2tog, dc in next 4 sts] around, join to first st with sl st (60)

Round 10) ch 1, hdc around, join to first hdc with sl st (60)

Round 11) ch 2, [dc2tog, dc in next 3 sts] around, join to first st with sl st (48)

Round 12) ch 1, hdc around, join to first hdc with sl st (48)

Round 13) ch 2, [dc2tog, dc in next 2 sts] around, join to first st with sl st (36)

Round 14) ch 1, hdc around, join to first hdc with sl st (36)

Round 15) ch 2, [dc2tog, dc in next st] around, join to first st with sl st (24)

Round 16) ch 1, hdc around, join to first hdc with sl st (24)

Round 17) ch 2, dc2tog around, join to first st with sl st (12)

finish off and leave a longer tail to close up the top.

how to

To close up the top of your hat, grab your yarn needle and the tail end of yarn. Weave your needle in and out of the stitches of the last round, doing a running stitch. Once all the way around, pull the tail end of yarn tightly to gather the top of the hat. Tie a couple of knots to secure, then add your pom if desired and weave in your ends.

Crochet Hat Pattern - Megmade with Love - Beanie

And there ya have it.. a delightfully easy beanie for those super chilly days. I’m thinking I’m gonna have to go make it in a solid color now so the texture will be more noticeable. hmm.. Hope you are a fan of this hat, and end up whipping one up! If you do, tag me over on Instagram so I can admire :)

Beanie Crochet Pattern - Megmade with Love - Hat

Fifteen Gifts Perfect for Any Crocheter

Crochet Gifts - Megmade with Love

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This thing is pure beauty. I don’t even know if I’d use it if I got it. I might just put it on a shelf and admire. Find this amazing ceramic yarn bowl HERE.

Knitcrate is such a fun monthly subscription. They offer both knit and crochet patterns paired with unique hand dyed yarns delivered to your home each month. I’m not sure I can think of a more appropriate gift for a fiber artist?! Find out more HERE.

Debrosse is speaking my language on this sweatshirt… we won’t talk about the last time I did any “actual” cardio though. Yikes. Find this sweatshirt HERE.

I’ve been crocheting for yearssss, and I have yet to get myself a winder. I’ve read great things about this one, and I’m sorta tempted to snag one :) find it HERE.

I dunno why, but I think these are the most adorable little scissors I’ve ever seen. I love how simple the design is. And the best part?? They’re called “pudgie scissors”.. find them HERE.

What’s not to love about an cute little notions bag FILLED with all said notions one would need as a stitcher?? And I love the minimalistic design. Find the notions kit HERE.

Everyone loves a good notebook. And when that notebook is wrapped in a rustic leather and filled with bundles of kraft paper waiting to be written on……….. **adds notebook to cart** lol but really, this would be a great notebook for pattern writing on the go! Find it HERE.

Yes, I featured these in my crochet hook post a few weeks back… but I had to include these beauts again. They are just so lovely. Find them HERE.

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I have been wanting a measuring tape bracelet for so long… I think these are just so perfect! They’re simple, yet show off your love of making. Plus I could see myself taking it off and actually using it, because it seems like I’m always looking for my freakin’ measuring tape. Find these bracelets HERE. And I went a little measuring-tape-bracelet-bananas and found a couple more that I thought were pretty darn cool below…

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Stitch counter ring=genius! How am I just now finding out these exist?? Find it HERE.

Did you knowwwww that “crochet cruises” are a thing?? I think this is amazing. Round up some of your hookin’ friends and book your next vacay doing the thing you love! They’ve got cruises open now to Bermuda and Southern Caribbean. Find out more info HERE.

I hope you liked this little roundup of crochet gifts! What’s on your Christmas list this year??