A New Free Tag Download - Cute Little "Ribbon" Tags for Your Crochet Goodies


I'm back with a new free download for some lil' tags for your crochet projects, or really anything you'd like for that matter. I love the way they look tied on to your makeables! Simple and cute.

(You can see more of my FREE tag downloads here)


Just sayin'... these look perfect on the new buffalo plaid pumpkin set to release this weekend!


I chose to print my tags off on brown craft paper (you can find a book of it at Walmart). 

I used my paper trimmer to chop up the tags, then got in closer with my scissors. Especially in the little points.


Some of them I left a little margin around the lines, and on others I cut close to the line. I think both looked great!


Then ya hole punch 'em...

And tie on a piece of string/yarn/jute in the hole...


Last, tie them on to your crochet or other handmade pieces! These tags add a cute finishing touch to any project. :) 

Just click the button below to get your own tags!

Hope these do ya good!!