A New Freebie - "This Took Forever" Downloadable Tags

Today, I'm super pumped to bring you something I've designed that would make the perfect finishing touch to your crochet projects. 

It's these super awesome "This took forever" tags! Do these things not just make your crochet look so much cooler?! The saying cracks me up, and adds some cute humor to your pieces. And I'm pretty certain we can all relate to thinking this after we complete a project. 

The download will come with three tags per page, intended to be printed on "landscape" format. I originally designed these to be strictly just tag wraps that you can wrap around your small items like hats or headbands, but then realized they would be great as regular tags too! Just cut them shorter on the sides and you can stick them on anything from sweaters to blankets.

I chose to print them on craft brown cardstock, and I loved the "natural" look they provided.


Once the tags were printed I cut them with a paper trimmer. But if you don't have one of those, regular ol' scissors will work of course! See below the effect I achieved by using an antique edge scissor...


So if you're wanting wraps for your smaller projects, just simply make one cut, in between each tag.

You can trim up the sides up if you'd like to attach to your bigger items.


I wrapped one around a hat I made, then taped the back with clear tape.


I hole-punched the smaller tag and connected it with a small piece of yarn. Jute looks great with this too!

And that's it! Simply print, chop and attach these cute tags to your own crochet goodies. I hope these treat you well! 

If you end up using the tags on your projects I'd love if you'd tag me over on Instagram! I'd love to see what you put them on. :) 

Have a beautiful day, guys.