A New Free Tag Download- One of a Kind Tag Wraps

It's been awhile since I've had a free download here on the blog...

Today I've got these cute little "One of a Kind" tag wraps, that would go great around a headband, hat or washcloth!

***To download tags scroll to the bottom and click the black button***

I decided to print my tags like I always do-- out on brown craft paper. I just like the way they look printed on the brown. Nice and natural looking :)

Which by the way... you can see all the other free downloads by clicking here. There are quite a few options!


I used a paper trimmer to get super straight lines, but obviously regular ole' scissors will work!


Once their all cut to your liking, just slap a piece of clear tape on the back...

And then you're cookin'!! I love the way these wraps finish off the look of a crocheted piece. Hope you get great use out of these!!