Free Crochet Pattern for the Peppermint Washcloth

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***You can find the PDF version of this pattern in my shop by clicking here. Great for easy printing!!***

With Christmas coming up, I was trying to think of a couple of cute little crochet designs I could come up with that would make quick gifts. The first one was the easy towel topper (found here), and today I've got this pretty lil' washcloth I've called the Peppermint Washcloth-- named after the awesome yarn I used - I Love This Cotton! Yarn in Monkey Red.

The washcloth features a nice ribbed border that frames some post-work stripes in the middle. It's pretty simple to do, and would take one to two hours to whip up. Making it a great gift idea! Pair it with some homemade soap or bath bombs. Or even a candle. ORRRR some yummy cookies in clear cellophane. Options=endless.


It would even pair well with the latest free tag download I released this week. ;)


The pattern makes a pretty good sized washcloth. The texture is probably my favorite part about it. Makes for some good scrubbin'.. And can we talk about that yarn?! It's so yummy.. And it's actually very soft. I really enjoyed working with it.

What you'll need:
-worsted medium weight (4) cotton yarn-- about 175 yards (I used I Love this Cotton! Yarn in Monkey Red, found here)
-size i hook (5.5 mm)
-yarn needle

Approximately 11 x 10 inches

ch=chain, sc=single crochet, BLO=back loop only, fphdc=front post half double crochet, fpdc=front post double crochet

-ch's at the beginning of each row do not count as sts
-below is a photo of what the first fpdc will look like. I just wanted to offer a visual as to what stitch you will be working into. You aren't working the fpdc's into the previous row's sc's you will be working them into the post st from two rows back.

Photo Nov 16, 4 19 22 PM.jpg

1) ch 40, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across (39 total sts & total sts in each row after)
2) ch 1, turn, sc BLO across
3) ch 1, turn, sc across
4) repeat row 2
5) repeat row 3
6) ch 1, turn, sc BLO in 4 sts, (fphdc, sc) 15 times, fphdc into next st, sc BLO in last 4 sts
7) ch 1, turn, sc across
8) ch 1, turn, sc BLO in 4 sts, (fpdc into the post st from two rows back -- see pic in notes, sc in next st) 15 times, fpdc in next post st from two rows back, sc BLO in last 4 sts
9-43) repeat rows 7 & 8 alternately-- row 43 will be a sc across row
44) ch 1, turn, sc BLO across
45) ch 1, turn sc across
46) repeat row 44

Finish off and weave in ends


And there you have it. A lovely little peppermint washcloth. 

Like I said, a great gift idea.. or even something to make for yourself. I hope you enjoy this little guy! 

If you make one, do please share with me over on Instagram! It'd bring me joy. :) 

Happy making!

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