Free Downloads for 2018 Monthly Calendars + Weekly Layout Planner

(To download, scroll to bottom of the post and click the button that says "2018 Calendar Downloads")

Ever since this summer, I've really been utilizing the little monthly and weekly printables I created for organizing life/business stuff. In fact, I didn't realize how much of a difference they made in my work efficiency until I stopped using them around Thanksgiving and this whole month of December, really. 

I noticed a couple of things... 
1) I wasn't getting as much stuff done
2) My stress increased because I wasn't getting as much stuff done, and when I wanted to get said stuff done, I didn't have a clear direction to go so I ended up distracted or discouraged.
3) I found myself falling more frequently into the category of "reaction to circumstances" than "actively managing"

And so last week I had to give myself a slap on the face (not really) and said pull yourself together, Meg! You've got to utilize planning, or you won't accomplish much of anything. Because really, without a plan (and action steps) things can get forgotten. And goals or projects can be pushed back or even erased. 

So this next year, I'm continuing the use of these cool little calendar sheets, and thought I'd share them with you in case you're needing the same kind of assistance and structure. I like putting them in a three-ring binder and moving them around as needed (which is kind of the solution to my frustration with planners). Plus if you mess one up, it's so easy to take it out and start a new one. And you can print off as many as you need! Wins all around.


Above is the new weekly planner I designed. It's super simple, with plenty of room for each day of the week. I like the idea that @9603designco suggested on Instagram-- of splitting each day up into categories, like an area for work, meals, or to-do lists. I'm thinking I'll be doing that with these, maybe using different colored pens?? I also like the notes section at the top, I think I'll use that for a sort of overlook at the week before I go into each day.

When you click the button below to download, you'll find all twelve months of 2018, plus two weekly planner options. I had trouble on our library printer with the larger weekly layout (but it printed out fine at home), so I decided to make another smaller option in case anyone might have that same issue. 

Another thing to note, is that if you do not download the files to your device/computer before printing them -- or just print them from Google Drive, they will print with small words on the top/bottom describing the file. So to print those of without those little words, you'll just need to download each file to your computer before printing then you'll be set!

I hope you enjoy these, and get great use out of them! Hope your new year treats you well :)