DIY Cheap & Easy Crochet Coffee Mugs

Here awhile back, I did a giveaway over on my Facebook page with these crochet-inspired mugs I made using the ever-popular sharpie method. Although these sharpie mugs are totally old news, this was my first time actually doing it!

I did quite a bit of research on the topic, because I really wanted these mugs to work. I found out that using an oil-based marker was key, as well as baking at a high temperature.

I loved the designs I chose to put on the mugs. The "hooker" mug was inspired by the Rae Dunn mugs I've seen everywhere lately. And I saw a similar drawing of a yarn ball not too long ago, and thought it'd go perfectly on a mug!

In this tutorial I give a tip on how to help you write on the curved surface of the mug, because it can take some getting used to. My first attempt was a fail and I had to wipe it off with alcohol and cotton ball- ha! Which is awesome because it takes the pressure off of making it perfect the first time.

Anywho, I'm done talking and here's my take on the "Sharpie mugs":

First get your supplies:

White coffee mugs (the cheaper the better. I got mine from Walmart, the two round ones were 89 cents! And the other one was a little over 2 bucks)
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Oil-based Sharpie (I got these)
Optional- paper, scissors and tape
-you'll need an oven to set your artwork

First, you'll prep your mugs by cleaning them with alcohol and cotton swab. This gets the oils and dirt off the surface, and ensures your design will stick.

This trick is optional, but it would help you get used to writing and drawing your design on the curved surface of the mug. Cut a small piece of paper and tape it to the mug, then practice your design. By the way, my sharpie had instructions on how to get it activated, which involved depressing the tip with my finger first, then dabbing it on paper until the tip was saturated with paint. It took quite a few "dabs" on paper to get it going. I'd suggest practicing on a scrap paper first.

Then once you've got your design down you're ready to draw it on the mug. And don't worry if you make a mistake, it will come off with rubbing alcohol if you do (it just takes some elbow grease to get it off). 

After your mugs have their pretty designs on them, you bake em. I put mine upside down in the oven on a cookie sheet, because I read the rims could brown (also please don't judge my dirty oven). It's important that you put the mugs in before you preheat your oven, so they warm up with it. This reduces the risk of cracking. 

I baked mine for 30 minutes at 450 degrees fahrenheit. Then once the 30 minutes were up, I let the mugs cool off in the oven, so they didn't have a harsh temperature adjustment. 

Also note, that they kinda stink while baking. I opened the windows and had the vent and fan going to help get the air flowing. Although I do wonder if the smell was so strong due to my husband dropping a pizza in the oven a few days prior... lol!

Overall, I was happy with how the designs came out. After baking, I noticed there were some spots on the mug that were a little bit brown, and it wouldn't come off when I was hand-washing them. So what I ended up doing was getting the mug wet, and then taking some baking soda in my hand and rubbing it on the areas that had browned, and that did the trick! 

I've read a few places where people have run them through the dishwasher, but I didn't try it. I think I'd stick with hand washing!

Now you get to enjoy your cute and cheap mugs, which totally make the coffee taste better if you're wondering. ;)