Crochet Baby Suspenders

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Hi there! 

This chilly and overcast Saturday here in Kansas has me inside creating this post for these ADORABLE baby suspenders you need in your life. I was thinking I really needed a pair for Sawyer, so I whipped some up not too long ago, and created the pattern while I was at it!

These things are just so dang cute. He looks like a little old man, ha!!

Once I got them on him, I couldn't stop taking pictures. I just wish the kid would smile for the camera, sheesh.

I had a big bouncy ball to get him to look at the camera, and then he gave me this look...

Like uh, mom, I'm not buying into your lame tricks. Get me off this grass. 

So for this pattern, I used a worsted weight cotton yarn (Peaches & Creme in Dark Taupe to be exact) but looking back, I think I'd rather just use good ol' acrylic for the extra stretch. But if you're in the market for suspenders with not too much stretch, turn to cotton!

What you'll need:
Size H (5 mm) hook (this set would be perfect for a beginner)
Worsted weight yarn (I used Peaches & Creme in Dark Taupe)
Tapestry needle
measuring tape
4 suspender clips like these

ch=chain, st(s)=stitch(es), sc=single crochet, sl=slip 

*ch 1 at beginning of rounds do not count as st

So for this pattern, I chose to give you a formula for how big you need to make the suspenders.. Mostly because its hard to say what the average would be for each age. You'll need a measuring tape to measure your baby from the front of his pant, over his shoulder, crossing in the back to the other side of his pant line on his back. 

So for Sawyer, who is almost 10 months old, his measurement was 19 inches. Then you take into consideration the length of your suspender clips. Mine were 1.5 inches, so that would add 3 inches total.

If you use cotton, the pattern will not stretch very much, so I subtracted half an inch for stretch. If you use acrylic, subtract another inch to account for stretch.

So in shorter terms, measurement minus length of clips and minus .5 inch (1 inch for acrylic) for stretch

Sawyer's: 19 - 3 - .5 = 15.5


Pattern (make 2):
**see notes for sizing before starting**
*start with a long tail before starting your chain, this will be used to sew later*
Take your number you received after subtracting length of clips and stretch, then you will multiply it by 4.
(So Sawyer's number was 15.5, multiplied by 4 equals 62)
This number is what your starting chain will be.
1) after you complete your chain, work sc into 2nd ch from hook, and across
2) ch 1, turn sc across
3) ch 1, work 2 sc into the end spaces of rows 1 & 2 (see photo below)

4) ch 1, sc into the space below where you usually insert your hook to crochet (sc spike st) (see photo below) and across row

5) repeat row 3
6) repeat row 4 -- you are working in the same spaces you worked in row 4, join to ch 1 with sl st

finish off, and leave long tail for sewing

Next you're going to sew the crocheted piece to your suspender clips. Grab one of your clips, and needle.

Put the short end of the crocheted piece through the clip slot, just enough to reach over the slot (seen below).

Sew with the tail of your crocheted piece and your needle, using a running stitch. Go back and forth a couple of times to make sure it's secure. Then you will repeat that for the rest of the clips. IMPORTANT: don't forget to check that you're sewing the clips facing the same way. If not, the suspenders will twist if you want to clip them on pants!

Then you'll have two straps for your suspenders..

Next you're going to sew what will be the back of the suspenders. Lay the suspenders out on a flat surface, just like they would be worn, and cross the back side 3 inches from the bottom (you could always cross them higher up, personal preference). Then using a piece of yarn and needle, sew along where you crossed the straps (see below).

After that, you've got some freakin' adorable suspenders to clip on your baby's pants! Whew! Hope that was easy for you to follow along. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get with you asap. 

Have a beautiful spring day!