My Favorite, Fail-Proof Way to Weave in Ends

The best way to weave in ends - crochet

I thought I'd share today on the blog my favorite way of weaving in ends for my crochet projects. I've used this method since forever, and it's proven to be a fail-proof way of getting those ends hidden, even after multiple washes and wears! I've taken photos of how I do this below, showing in a contrasting color of yarn, or I've made a video that's provided at the bottom of the post! 

P.S. I find this way to be the BEST for garments that are being machine washed!


After my projects are complete and I've finished off, I thread my yarn onto my needle. I start in on the stitch closest to where I finished off and then going through the stitches (this is important for best hiding the ends as well as ensuring they won't come out). 


Then I draw my needle through about four or five stitches. 


Next, I insert my needle into the very stitch I just drew my needle through, except in a different location on the stitch-- it's kind of like you're looping around the last stitch you came out of. Then I go in a different direction than I previously worked. In this case I went down. It's important to not pull to tightly on your yarn, because it will move your project's stitches around.

You can repeat the above process as much as you like, going in multiple directions. I usually go a couple of times in different directions, depending on the project. 


To finish the process, I like to go back in the opposite direction of the last draw-through I worked. This time I skip the last stitch I came through (you can see above where I'm inserting my needle), and go through another four or so stitches in that opposite direction.


Last, you'll pull the yarn a bit and snip the end, close to the last stitch you came through. 

And that's it! So easy, and my absolute favorite way to weave in those darn ends. Below is a video I made doing this process.

Hope this little tutorial proved to be helpful for you! 

Happy hooking.. erm, weaving! ;)

My Favorite, Fail-Proof Way to Weave in Ends - Megmade with Love