A Few Super Cool Crochet Hooks I am Loving Right Now...

megmade with love - crochet hooks

Hey you! I just really had to pop in and write this post rounding up all the cool and unique crochet hooks I’ve been seeing online. So I dove deep into the crochet hook world of the interwebs and found you some kick-butt hooks you’ll prooooobably love as much as I. Each and every one of these I saw myself buying, they’re just.. so… cool. They’d make the perfect “treat yo’self” gift this Christmas, amiright?? That’s what I keep telling myself as I venture into Hobby Lobby…

**Each hook is linked up below it’s photo. You can also click on the photo, and it’ll take you to it’s webpage.

This was the very first hook I saw that needed to be in the roundup.. because it’s just so simple and lovely. It’s basically me in crochet hook form. teehee. whatever.. Find this hook here

These hooks are freaking. fabulous. I love how elegant and fancy they look. I’d feel like a queen crocheting with these things. A queen on my sofa throne… in my pj’s… Find these hooks here.

I think these hooks may be my favorite out of all of the ones I found. They’re just so rustic and masculine and cool. I think I may go venture into our yard and try to make one myself… Find these hooks here

I feel like a crochet hook roundup couldn’t be complete without a Furls crochet hook. These people make some fabulous hooks.. You’ve just gotta lookie… and this one above?? It’s just so perfect. * wipes drool off mouth * Find this hook here.

I loved the shape of this hook and the fact that it was such a dark color. It reminds me of a chess piece.. hmm… here.

This hour-glass hook is just so beautiful.. I think the design is just spot on.. so good. Find it here.

Can we talk about how amazing this hook is?! It’s made out of a piece of drift wood! Seriously, so cool. Find it here.

This hook is so raw and simple— I’m a big fan of it. Plus it’d look so pretty in all your WIP pics :) Find it here.

Okay.. so I think these “hooks” deserve a medal for “most unique”. I have never even heard of something like this?! Now you can color AND crochet simultaneously?! SOLD. Find them here.

Another great rustic, handmade hook. I love this one! Find it here.

This hook… was made with a stick from an apricot tree. Need I say more?? Okay, just one more thing— it’s so pretty! Find it here.

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