15 Budget-Friendly and Beautiful Chairs for Crocheters

chair pin.jpg

So the other day… I was day dreaming about my future office (and I’m not proud of how often I end up dreaming about this). I was thinking what the vibe or theme of my space would be— I thought about what sort of desk I’d like to have. I wondered what I’d put on the walls, and how I’d make it a space that would inspire me to be creative (this is the stuff I seriously geek out about). And then my thoughts wandered to THE perfect chair to sit down with a cup of coffee and j u s t crochet. Ya know… the good, good uninterrupted crochet sesh that brings your soul so much joy. Oh man, I can’t wait till I can pick out THE chair!

Right now we’re renting a small a-frame house out in the country.. and while it’s a cool little spot for now. I can’t help but wish for the day I get to have my space. Where I get to make it look just like I’d dreamed. Anywho.. in the mean time, perhaps you could be on the market for one of these beauties in your house? Or maybe you’re just like me and enjoy swooning over something as strange as comfy chairs? Teehee. Hope you find something you love below— I tried to find pretty picks that weren’t too pricey!

(To visit each chair’s webpage, click on the photo)

Crochet Chair - Megmade with Love