Outfit Ideas Featuring Free Crochet Patterns

Here recently I had this idea that it would be fun to put together outfits featuring a few of the patterns I've created thus far here on Megmade with Love. Often times, I design my patterns and then they end up in the closet, forgotten. So it was kind of cool to give them new life in a way by styling them with some cute clothes. 

If you can't tell, my style is most definitely comfy casual. Because... mom life. And I had to include baby outfits. Had to! I think my favorite is the first one I feature-- the outfit with the aztec purse. Ahhhh, so good. 

You can find links to the patterns below the photos. All free, except for the fox hat. Which I plan to make available this fall for free so come back later if you'd like to create that cutie hat! 

You'll have to read the story on my gray purse, it's kinda funny ;) ...

Aztec Cross Body Purse - Pattern found here.

Easy Bohemian Headband - pattern found here.

So funny story... this purse was the VERY first thing I ever created on my own without a pattern. I was convinced I should make this bag I saw on some foreign website and help others be able to make it too. I think this was maybe back in 2010 or something. 

Now, even though I had been crocheting for quite some time at that point, I didn't really take it seriously at all. I knew mostly just the basics.. and that includes me not knowing at the time that bobble stitches existed. 😂😂😂 So... I tackled this project the only way I saw how, and that was single crocheting little individual squares then sewing them on to the purse so they'd look like little raised dots! 😂

As embarrassing as that is to admit, I think it's mostly just kinda funny. It's also cool to see how far along I've come. At the time, I just tackled the task utilizing my skill set that I had. And I think that's also a good lesson to take from it... that we shouldn't get so wrapped up in what we can't do and actually just get crap done with what we can!!  Either way I'm really proud of this purse, and I'll probably keep it forever. :)  

Baby Bear Hat - Pattern found here. Baby Moccasins - Pattern found here.

Baby Suspenders Pattern - Pattern found hereBaby Moccasins - Pattern found here.

Fox Hat - Pattern found here. (Pattern will be free later this fall!) Baby Moccasins - Pattern found here.

Hope you enjoyed these lil' outfits. I plan on putting more together this fall because I had way too much fun with them...

Have a good one, and happy crafting!