Farmhouse-Inspired Freebie Roundup

Well, folks...

The Farmhouse-Inspired series is officially wrapped up, and I thought I'd compile all the patterns I've released here on the blog all in one post! Make things a little easier for you and me.

This was no doubt the coolest thing I've done. I loved designing things all with one common theme, it made me think outside of the box and stretch my creative muscles. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and can see myself doing another series in the future.

Below you'll find the five patterns (all free!) in the series. Just click the link below each photo to view the pattern.

***I've also bundled the Farmhouse Series PDF's in my shop for $7, saving you $3 if you purchased them individually. You can find the bundle here.***

The first pattern I release was this simple washcloth design. I look back at this and just adore this piece! Find the pattern by clicking here.

Next was this beautiful wreath! Easily customized to your liking also.. Find the pattern by clicking here.

Then came this "Fresh" Farmer's Market Bag. I may be the most proud of this one! Find it here.

Next was the Farmhouse Cables Pillow. This thing is so comfy and cute... It's propped on my sofa now! Find the pattern here.

Last but not least was the Jute Dreamcatcher... this beauty gave me some grief, but I am so happy I saw it through. I was made with a $1 roll of jute string! Find the pattern here.

And there's the list of beautiful Farmhouse-Inspired crochet patterns! I loved creating each and every one of these. And seeing them all together brings me so much joy... 

Did you make any of the patterns from the series? Which is your favorite? I still can't choose a favorite, it's kind of like your children, you love them all the same. ;)

If you do end up making one of the patterns from the series, it would make me so happy to see your finished project! Tag me over on Instagram :)

Happy hookin',