New Crochet Pumpkin Pattern: Polka Dot Pumpkin (Rustic & Elegant Collection)


***You can find the PDF version of all THREE pumpkin patterns in my Etsy shop by clicking here. Great for easy printing!***

Yeeeehaw! (lol where did that come from??)

So It turns out I enjoyed creating the three rustic pumpkins so much, that I decided I needed to design three more super amazing pumpkins, perfect for this wonderful month of October. And heck, they'd last you through Thanksgiving. ;)

I'm in love with this collection. Like obsessed. They're so pretty... and unique... and rustic... and awesome.. and... yeah, you get it.

So to kick off the collection, this post will contain the pattern for the little gray polka dotted pumpkin. This thing whips up quickly, which is always a plus! And the little dots are so dainty and pretty. :)


The polka dots are made with a stitch that is kind of a hybrid of a puff and bobble stitch, which you can see a video below on how to do that along with changing the colors, because it can be tricky. But once you figure that out, you're set!

What you'll need:
worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Aran and Grey Heather)
I Hook (5.5 mm)
yarn needle
big handful of polyfil
approx 2 inch stick or stem of your choice
hot glue gun
other preferred adornments (you can use jute string, burlap, felt-- anything!)

Finished pumpkin is approximately 6 by 3.5 inches 

-ch's at beginning of rounds do not count as sts

-in this pattern I use TWO strands of grey and ONE strand of white

-the polka dots will show up on the opposite side of your work, so you will be working on the wrong side. Just flip it around when done.

-the polka dot is sort of a mix between a puff and a bobble stitch, so I will be referring to it as a "pobble" stitch (abbreviated "pob" in the pattern), it is explained below, and you can also see how to do it in the video below.

pobble (pob): [yo, insert hook into st, yo, draw back through] repeat [ ] 3 times, there will be nine loops on hook, yo draw through all nine loops

-below is a video of how I performed the color changes for the polka dots:

-I cut the white yarn after every row I worked with it, then pulled it through to the wrong side

-in the photos you may see a little crocheted leaf, the pattern for that is in this post.

*using two strands of grey (when you make the slip knot to start, leave a long tail so you can sew the pumpkin closed with it): ch 42, join to the first ch with a sl st to form a circle (be sure not to twist)
Round 1) ch 2, dc into the same st you sl st'd into to form the circle and around, join to first st with sl st (42 total sts and for the remainder of the rows)
Round 2) ch 2, dc around, join to first st with sl st
Round 3) ch 1, sc, *change to one strand of white: pob (see notes on this st and how to do color changes), [*change to two strands of grey: sc in next 5 sts, *change to one strand of white: pob] repeat [ ] five times, *change to two strands of grey: sc in last 4 sts, join to first st with sl st
Rounds 4 & 5) repeat round 2
Round 6) ch 1, [*using two strands of grey: sc in 5 sts, change to one strand of white: pob] repeat [ ] around (you will end with a pob) *change to two strands of grey: join to first st with sl st
Rounds 7 & 8) repeat round 2
Round 9) repeat round 3
Rounds 10 & 11) repeat round 2

Finish and leave long tail for sewing

First you will close up one of the open ends of your pumpkin by doing a running stitch with your tail end of yarn and needle along the very edge. Make sure to do long strides so it is easy to close up. (see pic below-- I used brown yarn so you could see my running stitch)


Once you've stitched all the way around the open end, you will gather it by pulling tightly on your tail of yarn. After it's all gathered, tie a couple of knots secure it. 


Then stuff the pumpkin full of poly fill. 

You will close up the other end of your pumpkin the same way you did the other side, with running stitch and pull to gather. Knot again to secure and weave in ends.


Last you will put a glob of hot glue into the center of your pumpkin and press your stick onto the glue until it cools and is set.

Adorn with whatever your heart desires, and you've got a cute little polka punkin'!! 

Wasn't that the cutest little pattern? I love it. If you do make your very own polka dotted pumpkin, I want to see it! Tag me over on Instagram, it'd make me super happy. :)

Stay tuned for the other two pumpkin patterns, they will be on the blog within the week. 

I wish you joyful making,