Free Crochet Patterns for THREE Rustic Pumpkins

**You can find the PDF version of all THREE pumpkins in my Etsy shop by clicking here. Great for easy printing!**

Hey you! I'm back on the blog to gather all the pumpkin patterns in one post. These pumpkins make awesome fall decor. And all whip up fairly quickly!

Last week you may have seen I released the plaid pumpkin. Possibly my favorite of the bunch! You can find that pattern by clicking the button below:

Next the orange pumpkin was featured over on Sewrella's blog. A huge honor, because I learned much of the "bloggin" stuff from her. She's such a great inspiration! Anywho, you can find the orange pumpkin by visiting her site. Just click the button below:

Lastly, the pattern for the yellow/jute pumpkins was posted over on Make & Do Crew! Jess seriously makes the coolest stuff, and I was super pumped to be able to post over there!! The pattern for this pumpkin is really quick and easy. Find it by clicking the button below: 

Enjoy these cute pumpkin patterns! I really had a good time making them :)