Some Valentine's Day Inspiration

If I'm being 100% honest, I've never really been that big of a fan of Valentine's Day. I was always a cynic, mostly because I never really seriously dated anyone before my husband, and I could more or less do without all the ooey gooey lovey stuff- ha!

Now that I'm married, I still don't even care for it. We don't even celebrate it *gasp!*.

Don't get me wrong here, I believe in the importance of celebrating love with your loved one- I just don't think it has to be pinned to one day! I dunno, then again we aren't really big holiday celebrators. 

But I will admit something, I do love hearts. And I do love candy. And I especially love the day after Valentine's day when all yummy chocolate is half-off. 

So for this post I thought I'd find some good in Valentine's Day. I thought I'd compile some cute Valentine's Day inspiration, that makes my creative heart happy. Because I love me some good pretty inspiration!

(source: kittyanddulcie

How adorable are these "love" pillows.. and this little camper?! I've been bugging my husband to buy me an old vintage camper trailer, one day....

(source: cluckclucksew)

How about this adorable heart quilt?! There's even a photo tutorial on how to make it. HEART EYES!!

(source: thegirlinspired)

This dress. Is precious. If only I had a little girl...

(source: olivewooddesigns)

I will forever be inspired by Olivewood Designs creations!

(source: lovecrochet)

I love how simple this heart granny square is. There's also a tutorial on how to do it. Wee!

Lastly, a shameless plug for my super cute Varsity Love Socks available in my Etsy shop. These things are super warm and super adorable. I may be biased but I think you need to make them. :)

There's my Valentine's Day inspiration! Are you a V-day lover or could you do without?