Basket Weave Stitch Washcloth Pattern

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Welcome to the second installment of my washcloth pattern series!! (You can find my first pattern for the super simple and oh so textured bean stitch washcloth here)

The pattern for this washcloth is pretty awesome...

The basket weave stitch really makes it look like it's been woven somehow. I love it! This was my very first experience with the basket weave stitch, and I'm a fan. I will say that it's definitely not as difficult as it looks!

I chose to do a little border around the basket weave stitch for this washcloth using single crochet and half double crochet, and I'm glad I did! I think it frames it nicely.

If you'd like additional help with the basket weave stitch, you can watch this video here

What you'll need:
Size H (5 mm) hook (a set like this would be perfect for a beginner)
One ball of cotton worsted weight yarn (I used Peaches & Creme in Rosemary)
Tapestry needle


Approximately 9.25x8.75 inches

ch=chain, st(s)=stitch(es), yo=yarn over, sc=single crochet, hdc=half double crochet, fpdc=front post double crochet, bpdc=back post double crochet


ch 33
1) sc in 2nd ch from hook, and across row (32 total sc)
2-4) ch 1, turn, sc across row
5) ch 2, turn, dc across row
6-8) ch 1, turn, hdc in first 4 sts, *4 fpdc, 4 bpdc, repeat from * 2 times, hdc in last 4 sts
9-11) ch 1, turn, hdc in first 4 sts, *4 bpdc, 4 fpdc, repeat from * 2 times, hdc in last 4 sts
12-14) repeat rows 6-8
15-17) repeat rows 9-11
18-20) repeat rows 6-8
21-23) repeat rows 9-11
24-27) repeat rows 2-4

tie off and weave in ends making multiple passes with your needle, so it can withstand multiple washes!

This washcloth would go perfect tied up with a pretty bottle of soap!

I hope you like this pattern! Be sure to check back for the last washcloth pattern here on the blog. :)