Rustic Bean Stitch Washcloth

**Find the PDF version of this pattern along with two other washcloth patterns over in my shop by clicking here. Great for easy printing!**

Hey there, friend!

This bean stitch washcloth is the first installment of my rustic washcloth patterns I'll be releasing this week. There are two more patterns to come!

I'm gonna be honest, this is my first experience with the bean stitch aaand I might go as far to say that it's my new favorite stitch. It's got such good texture, and I just love the way it looks. Technically, I suppose I should say I used a "mini bean stitch" in which I just didn't yarn over as much as the typical bean stitch. 

These washcloths would make the perfect gift wrapped up with some fancy soap (or even your own handmade soap?! -- I've always wanted to try making soap, but haven't). Plus it's the perfect project for these warmer months, when you don't feel like working on an afghan or sweater.

What you'll need:
Size H (5 mm) hook (a set like this would be perfect for a beginner)
One ball of cotton worsted weight yarn (I used Peaches & Creme in Dark Taupe)
Tapestry needle


Approximately 9.25x8.75 inches

ch=chain, st(s)=stitch(es), yo=yarn over, mbs=mini bean stitch (explained below)

Stitch explanation:
mbs- insert hook into designated st, yo, bring back through, yo, insert hook back into same st, yo, bring back through again (there should be four loops on hook), yo, pull through all four loops on hook

For additional help check out this video.


ch 33
1) in 3rd ch from hook, *mbs, ch 1, sk the next st, repeat from * 14 times, then sk the next st and mbs in the last st (there are 16 mbs total)
2) ch 2, turn, mbs into first st, ch 1, sk the next st, *mbs, ch 1, sk the next st, repeat from * 13 times, then sk the next st and mbs in the last st (there are 16 mbs total)
3-28) repeat row 2

tie off and weave in ends making multiple passes with your needle, so it can withstand multiple washes!

Now you've got an awesome textured washcloth! After a couple washes the cotton yarn should really soften up for you!

Keep an eye out for the next two washcloth patterns this week!