Ten Free Spring Crochet Patterns You've Gotta Try

With the first day of Spring coming up here in just days, I thought I'd round up some super cute crochet patterns that scream spring! And the best thing? They're FREE! 

I can't decide which one is my favorite. Maybe the shawl or the sandals? Ah! They're all just great.

This Bunny Hat is too precious. I love the addition of the material.

This Toddler Dress!! Heart eyes. If only I had a girl...

This Rabbit is seriously a gem. The flowers on the front are cross stitched. Oh my word!

Gotta love Cactus! I love the top one.

This Flower Shawl needs to be in my life. Now just to find the time to make it...

I love how simple  this Lavender pattern is.

This Tulip Coin Purse is so stinkin' cute! How creative is that stitch??

These Sandals are so inspiring! It makes me want to create my own flip flop crochet creation.

This Baby Floral Headband is a Megmade original! I was really wanting to create a cute little baby headband, and made my son model it. ha!

Although this Floral Fringe Bag isn't all crochet. I think it's brilliant. 

I hope these patterns inspire you to pick up your crochet hook this Spring. I know I'm inspired!