Another Free Tag Download for Your Crochet Projects!

Hey folks. I've got yet ANOTHER free download for you. It's a super cute little rectangle tag with the words "Stitched with love" and a little crochet hook. The download will come with nine tags on a page and looks perfect printed out on brown card stock! **You can download the tags at the bottom of the post**

I used them two ways: by punching two holes in the short ends and threading jute through the back side and around my product then tied a bow on the under side (like above).

Or you could punch a hole in the top, and thread your jute through and tie a bow on top! I think I like this way more, but both work!

One thing to remember is to adjust the settings in your printer if you do use card stock.

I hope this proves to be useful for you and your makeables! You can find the download by clicking here

If you're interested-- I've created two other free tag downloads you can find them here and here.

Have a beautiful day!