Another Free Tag Download for Your Crochet Projects!

Hey folks. I've got yet ANOTHER free download for you. It's a super cute little rectangle tag with the words "Stitched with love" and a little crochet hook. The download will come with nine tags on a page and looks perfect printed out on brown card stock! **You can download the tags at the bottom of the post**

I used them two ways: by punching two holes in the short ends and threading jute through the back side and around my product then tied a bow on the under side (like above).

Or you could punch a hole in the top, and thread your jute through and tie a bow on top! I think I like this way more, but both work!

One thing to remember is to adjust the settings in your printer if you do use card stock.

I hope this proves to be useful for you and your makeables! You can find the download by clicking here

If you're interested-- I've created two other free tag downloads you can find them here and here.

Have a beautiful day!

Free Download-- Tags for Your Handmade Items

Happy Thursday! 

I've got another fun free download today for your handmade or crocheted projects. :) You can find the first tags I created here. I honestly just have the best time creating these, so I decided to make more designs (So that means more to come!). **Link found at the bottom of the post**

These tags are pretty darn cute. I've printed them on some brown card stock I have, and love the way it looks on it-- kinda a natural look. These tags are more for items that people would be buying, because of the word "shopping". Perfect for a craft fair or items you sell online!

They've got a handy little circle perfect for hole punching also! 

I just slip a strand of jute cord through and tie a little bow. Seriously, nothing fancy. But it really makes it look so much more special.

To download these BEAUTIFUL tags, click here

Hope these are of good use to you! Let me know below by commenting if you have any requests for a type of tag I could design for you? I just might do it!! 

Enjoy friend.