Three Free Crochet Tag Downloads

Hey folks. Today I thought I'd compile my latest downloads all into one post to make things a tad easier around here. ;)

Here you'll find three SUPER COOL tags you can download and print at your home or office. Then you can slap those babies on your crochet or handmade projects and you'll have yourself some easy and snazzy packaging that practically cost nothing.

Up first is the "Handmade with Love" tag- the first tag I designed. I just love the look of this one! Probably my favorite out of all of them. You can download the tag by clicking here.

Then I designed the "Thank you for Shopping Handmade" tag. This one's a cutie too, I love the flower details. You can download these tags by clicking here.

The "Stitched with Love" tags were my most recent design, and are a horizontal layout rather than vertical. You can download these tags by clicking here.

Well, there's your three free downloads! I actually have a blast making these, so look for more in the future. :)