6+ Ways to Make Your Own Labels for Your Crochet Projects

I've gathered some of the coolest and most unique ways to make your own labels for your crochet projects today! 

If you're anything like me, you jump on an opportunity to make something yourself rather than buy it, and I think this is a great example. It can get expensive to buy your own custom tags. Of course, you don't need tags for your projects, but in my opinion they make it look so much more polished and professional. 

Below you'll find some of my favorite tutorials and inspiration for labels. The list covers anything from stamping your own fabric to embroidering ribbon. I think you'll find something that will fit your unique style! 

P.S. You'll find the link for each example under the photo by clicking the word "here"

I like these simple hand-stamped labels on twill tape. Also, no sewing until you put them on your product-- a plus! Find the tutorial here.


Unfortunately there is no tutorial for this example, I just happened to come across these tags and thought they were adorable. I think it would be rather easy to stitch a little simple design on a piece of ribbon and sew them on your project. How lovely! I found this photo here.

I liked this idea. Leather tags are all the rage, and if you can make your own- even better! I like the simplicity and overall look of leather as a tag. Find the tutorial here.

This isn't a tutorial for the tag, but I thought it would be worth the mention. This is along the lines of the little embroidered tags above. Just a simple stitched tag attached in the corner of a blanket (By the way check out the super cool tutorial for this blanket while you're there, it's awesome!). Find it here.


I really liked this tutorial for these labels over at Lovely and Enough. They're printed directly on the fabric at home with the help of good ol' freezer paper. Find these here.

Over on See Kate Sew, she explains FOUR ways to make your own tags. One being designing your logo, then sending it to a fabric printing company also screen printing! This was my favorite resource. Find it here.

I hope this collection of DIY labels was helpful! It totally inspired me to want to make some of my own. 

Happy making!