Reasons Why You're Not Finishing Your Crochet Projects


I thought it'd make for an interesting post to talk about the reasons why crochet projects get abandoned. Because I'm pretty sure it happens to us all... For me, I can think of multiple reasons why the things I'm working on get abandoned, from realizing the project isn't going to be what I thought in my head to the fact that it's taking too long and isn't season-appropriate. Probably the biggest reason, though, is taking on a big project and not knowing how to manage it in small chunks, then getting overwhelmed and worn out on the mere thought of even doing it!

Exhibit A: a blanket I think I first started in October. No progress has been made on it. Sigh...

Exhibit A: a blanket I think I first started in October. No progress has been made on it. Sigh...

I wanted some input from other makers on this topic-- so I asked over on the Megmade with Love Instagram account, and got some quality answers... so it's become the bulk of this post! I provided a couple of their statements for each reason listed. 


I write this, not necessarily seeking all the proper solutions so you'll figure out how to better complete your projects-- but rather to shed some light on the root issues. I surprisingly found comfort in reading all the other makers' reasons for struggling with finishing a project, and I have a feeling you'd find comfort in reading other people's statements like I did. 

Now, onto the reasons you may not be finishing your crochet ventures...

It isn't turning out how you expected/it's too hard

Sometimes, your WIP ends up not turning out how you'd envisioned it. I can definitely relate with this one as a designer. It's a waste of time for me to finish it if it's not something that is quality or up to the standards I'd like it to be! 

@hookedbycass : "Beanies for my hubby- they never get finished 'cause he tries them on at the "almost finished" point and they NEVER fit his head right, and then I don't finish it.

@ateliertracyk : "I find I get frustrated when a project doesn't look or feel the way I envision it so I frog it."

@mima_413 : "Sometimes the pattern intimidated me and I can't figure it out so I put it aside and sometimes never finish it."


@crochetta_crochet : "I find it hard to get much crochet done with my 3 year old and 10 month old keeping me busy. I try to crochet in the evenings but sometimes I'm just too tired."

@creatyveknitstudio : "The big one for me is time management! If I were to grade myself it'd be an F in this area! My kiddos take up most of my time, well honestly my 2 year old. Aside from taking advantage of nap time to work on my projects I have other mom/wifey responsibilities I need to complete."

@theknottedmaple : "I was so close to finishing a few of my projects, and then I got pregnant and the morning sickness kicked my butt! I haven't mustered the motivation to finish (especially the one I was trying to design)."

This one's tough. Because there's not a whole lot around it, it's just the way things are. However, being more intentional with your time could definitely help... Like knowing when to say no to plans, designating a specific hour or day to crochet and better planning your days. 

You lose interest

I used to really struggle with this one-- simply reaching a point on your project where you've achieved what you set out to learn, and it's not interesting to you anymore. I like how these people said it..

@thehandmadearray : "Loss of inspiration- I start a project and then realize I don't care for it as much as I originally thought I would."

@maplealps : "Sometimes I work on several projects at once and if I get bored with one, I'll just pick up another. If I only do one at a time, I tend to put it down and not pick it back up since there's nothing else to get bored with to turn me back to it. Sometimes my husband has to encourage me to finish things because he can't stand seeing the unfinished project bits everywhere.

@katecockburn53 : "Boredom with one project. I find I need variety, and new challenges, both with projects and yarns. And when I get halfway through, that first excitement has worn off, so another WIP gets started... "

Shiny Object Syndrome (distracted)

This is possibly the most common answer I received. And I can understand why! We're flooded with so many awesome patterns and inspiration with the internet and social media, if we're not careful we can get swallowed by it all, with no finished crochet goodies to show for it.

@leslieslakelife : "I have a bad habit of taking on too much at one time. I get excited about all the things I want to make and jump the gun before others are finished."

@lydia___bethany : "Sometimes I get overwhelmed with options - like I'll start making something, and then see a better pattern for it, or something else that catches my eye. I'm probably just fickle tho haha"

@hookedyarnsplus : "I think the biggest reason I don't finish projects is that I follow A LOT of phenomenal makers on IG, and I'm in some great crochet FB groups. When I hop on here (supposedly for a few minutes) I end up getting sidetracked by all of the great creations I'm seeing. Don't even get me started on Pinterest. Inspirations become distractions often."

@cozamundo : "For me, generally, it's distraction. I get distracted by a new pattern of yarn that I must try immediately. Once the shine has gone off my original project I find it difficult to pick it back up. I'm trying to be more disciplined but always have more than one project on the go to keep my interest. My crochet mind is complex."

It's a larger project

Like I mentioned above, this one is big for me! If it's not a quicker pattern, I have a hard time desiring to finish it. I lose steam on big tasks so easily! I definitely feel like breaking it down into smaller chunks would help though..

@thecurlycrochet : "I'm impatient and I like to see the finished product. If something is taking too long, I'll just stop and start something else that doesn't take much time. I guess I feel more accomplished when I see something completed."

@loopycatcrochet : "I start to lose steam on longer projects and find I have to break them up (even for ones I adore working on)."

Weaving in ends/finishing the project

Oh man, I could relate with this one. There's nothing like seeing a project just sitting there with all these ends needing to be woven in. It's the worst! In my case I always end up forcing myself to do it. It's never pleasant. haha

@lilaknitco : "SEAMING. Once I finish the actual crochet or knit work, I want to be DONE. If a project requires seaming, I'll get it to that point and then it sits in a pile for awhile because seaming (and sometimes weaving in lots of ends) is my least favorite.

@jomarie10 : "I think for me, finishing a project feels laborious. While working on a project during the beginning and middle feels relaxing and pleasant."

@myblessedfarmhouse : "I am still learning how to do the sewing/finishing work so when I get to that part it just sits until I have time to figure it out."

You've run out of yarn/supplies

Been there, done that. It's so frustrating to know something could be done, if only you had the proper supplies.

@jking1489 : "I usually start a project and decide I don't like the yarn I'm using for it and then find another project leaving the first unfinished and me too lazy to find a better yarn."

@havehookswilltravel : "I usually start projects without having all the materials that I need to finish. I just can't wait to get started! Case in point: making a lovely little purse. Have the yarn, bought matching garment liner fabric, but still haven't found all the hardware I want for it.

There's not a deadline

If something can be put on the back burner, it probably will. If it doesn't have importance or a set end in sight-- the project is sadly more likely to be pushed aside.

@light_stitch_by_patb : "If I put it off too long it will stay there fo'eva! I have a bag that I need to put the straps on and it just never happens. A unicorn hat for my granddaughter, only needing a couple of stitches, a lovey for a baby.. the list goes on. I basically look at them and just don't want to do it... can't explain why."

@bbfhionnuisce : "I work best with deadlines, so I only manage to finish my projects when I'm making them for someone. If I'm making them for myself, I'm more likely to put them off indefinitely.

Health Issues

I thankfully don't have to deal with serious health issues when crocheting, but I do feel for the people that do because that would be so discouraging. I've read of people needing to take breaks because their hands cramp or fall asleep. Or deal with carpel tunnel. And then there's allergic reactions to yarn... I was appreciative of what @cplato71 shared...

@cplato71 : "I have a movement disorder, so for me it is changing colors a lot and weaving in ends. Oh and big projects, like the two Afghans I made for my kids - they took me over 9 months because they were big and heavy to keep turning and twisting around."


While at first this may seem like a silly reason to not finish a project, I loved the light that was shed on it by a couple of people...

@thecrochetmama : "I think sometimes I'm scared of how something will turn out. So maybe sometimes there's a sense of FOMO so I just don't finish the last quarter of the sweater arm or row of doily and move on to something new so that I don't have to fail."

@bloody_rainbows : "I have severe anxiety and the thought of finishing projects is actually terrifying to me. I know it sounds weird but hear me out. I love to start them. I love the movement of the yarn and the way it feels between my fingers. But when it's done, I don't necessarily feel a sense of accomplishment. It's more a sense of emptiness. Which further pushes me to start another. But then I feel guilty for not taking time to appreciate the product I just created. So sometimes I just stop in the middle of one so I don't have to experience that sense of emptiness. And of course it gets lost among the hundreds of other things going on in my life until I find it again months later.

@leftinknots : "When designing - self doubt for sure! Trying to decide whether a project is worth the time and effort of writing up into a pattern.


And that's all I've got.. did you see yours up there?? I really hope you could relate to some of the words other people put forth-- it helped me feel not so alone in this issue, without a doubt. And I think identifying the root issue for why things aren't getting done is obviously a great place to start..

I hope this post treated you well, and if you've got some thoughts on this, leave 'em below, I'd love to read them!

Take care and happy hooking,