Free Crochet Pattern for the Matilda Tote - Crochet Cables Bag

Free Crochet Pattern for the Matilda Tote - Crochet Cables Bag

I am delighted to share with you my latest pattern: The Matilda Tote! It's a lovely structured and cabled bag that is surprisingly simple to make. It consists of three pieces, a front and back panel along with a long piece that wraps around the sides and bottom. I've taken TONS of photos of the process of making this bag in the hopes of you being able to 100% understand how to make this beaut!

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Another FREE Farmhouse Pattern: The Comfy Cables Pillow Cover

***You can find the PDF version of this pattern in my shop by clicking here. Great for easy printing!***

I've got yet another cool "Farmhouse Inspired" pattern for ya!

This time it's a oh-so cozy pillow that's got such great cable-y texture. It's simple and its comfy-- and I hope you love it.

P.S. You can find my other farmy patterns here, here and here.

So I took photos of the pillow with and without the tassels in the corners, and I've got to say that I still cannot decide if I'm a fan of one or the other. Sometimes I look at the pillow and think, "Those tassels are kind of atrocious." Then other times I think they look really cute. So, for now the tassels will stay on. Until I randomly decide to remove them. We'll see. :)

This pillow features some super cool cable details, that are in my opinion actually very easy to get the hang of. In fact, after you get to a certain point, you will be just repeating a set of rows until the end. I was very much inspired by Stephanie over at All About Ami, and her cables blanket she made. Go check it out! It would make a great companion to this pillow!

If I haven't won you over yet on making this pillow get this: it cost me about $9 to make! A total steal, right?? I used the affordable Lion Brand Hometown USA, and I'm a total fan of how it worked up (especially because it's so thick-- it made it a quick project, plus it's super soft!).

(I used old buttons I already had on hand as well as material and poly fill I already had for the pillow insert.)

What you'll need:
3 skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA in Los Angeles Tan
9mm Hook (N)
Yarn needle
Two to three 3/4 inch buttons (read notes on these)
16x16 inch pillow (you could create your own!)
Sewing pins

Finished pillow cover is 16x16 inches

11 rows by 9 single crochet equals a four-inch square

sl=slip, st(s)=stitch(es), sk=skip, fpdc=front post double crochet, fptr=front post treble, ch=chain

For this pattern, I did not create button holes for the buttons that are on the back, because my buttons were just the right size to fit snuggly through the stitches (3/4 inch). I would suggest testing if your buttons will fit through your stitches before sewing them on!  

chains at the beginning of the rows do not count as a stitches

***All fpdc in rows 4 & 6, along with repeats of these rows are to be worked into the post stitch below it-- not the single crochet stitches from the previous row***

Front piece:
1) ch 39, in 2nd ch from hook, sc and across (38 total sts, and for the remainder of the rows)
2) ch 1, turn, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 2 times, fpdc 6 times, sc 2 times, fpdc, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 6 times
3) ch 1, turn sc across
4) **read notes on fpdc's**ch 1, turn, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 2 times, sk 2 fpdc, fptr 2 times, then working BEHIND your work, work a fptr into the both of the two skipped sts, fpdc 2 times, sc 2 times, fpdc, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 6 times
5) repeat row 3
6) **read notes on fpdc's**ch 1, turn, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 2 times, fpdc 2 times, sk 2 fpdc, fptr 2 times, then working in FRONT of your work, fptr into both of the two skipped sts, sc 2 times, fpdc, sc 6 times, fpdc, sc 6 times
Repeat rows 3-6 eight times, until you get to row 42
Finish off and weave in ends

Back Side (make 2):
1) ch 39, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and across (38 total sts, and from here on out)
2-24) ch 1, turn, sc across
Finish off, and leave one very long end for sewing the pillow.

First, you'll gather your pieces and put them "wrong sides" together. With your front piece laying upwards, with the cables on the inside.

You'll layer your back pieces in the middle, aligning the edges up. Then pin it together.


Sew around the edges, with your long tail you left for one of your back pieces and your yarn needle. I just used a simple running stitch. Once you get all the way around, tie a knot and then weave in the rest of your ends and flip the pillow cover right side out.

Then you're going to sew on your buttons. I used two buttons because that's all I had of this specific kind of button, and I was set on using them. Plus they were vintage buttons, so I wasn't going to find these puppies anywhere else. I say all of that because I would suggest actually using three buttons because I think that would hold all the cover together better over the pillow. But two totally does the job. 

IMPORTANT: Sew your buttons on the bottom layer. It just won't work out if you're trying to attach the bottom layer up above the layer on top of it to fasten the button. That make sense? 

Before you sew your buttons on- make sure that they will line up with a place that they will fit into.

If you decide to add on tassels, follow this tutorial found here. I make them using my hand-- super simple. Also note that you will need a fairly long strand of yarn at the top of your tassel to attach them to the corners.

To attach them, I stuck my crochet hook into the corner of my pillow and drew through one side of the long strand at the top of the tassel.

Then I did the same thing with the other side of the strand from the tassel, except in a space very close to the one I just worked in-- not the same space. Then I tied a couple of knots on the inside with the two ends and wove them in.

Just repeat that process for the four corners, then your comfy pillow is complete. :)

If you have any questions whatsoever, comment below and I will get back with you asap. I hope you love this pillow, because I really did enjoy making it!

Happy making,